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Burger with Bacon and Fried Onion
The classic, always-pleasing burger taste, now built better with the addition of fried onion and a scrumptious stack of crispy Farmland Bacon.
Prep Time45 mins.
6 to 8 stripes of Farmland® Hickory Smoked Bacon
4 Quarter-pound beef hamburger patties
2 Small onions
2 Tbsp. of Olive oil
4 Hamburger buns (plus butter for toasted buns, if preferred)
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Cook beef patties on either on the stovetop or on the grill. Depending on the thickness of the patties and your desired level of doneness, plan to cook each patty for 6-to-8 minutes per side.

2. Cook Farmland® Hickory Smoked Bacon in a medium-sized skillet on stovetop until crisp. As an alternative, try baking your bacon in an oven pre-heated to 400° using a baking sheet lined with foil. Remove bacon and drain excess grease on a paper towel, before cutting in half to stack easily atop of burger. 

3. Slice onions into rings. Add olive oil to a medium-sized skillet and fry onions on medium-high heat for approximately 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden-brown and slightly caramelized.

4. For a toasted bun, keep your skillet on medium-high heat. Butter both sides of sliced hamburger buns and toast them directly in the pan for approximately 1-to-2 minutes per side.

5. Assemble your burgers with the crisp Farmland® Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon and fried onions atop and add any other preferred toppings and condiments. Enjoy!